10 truly happy things that we need to cherish

Happiness! It changes from time to time. Things that made us happy a while back may not necessarily do now. When I was a kid, new frocks and Barbie dolls used to make me happy. When I was a teen, getting beautifully photographed and bagging lots of compliments used to make me happy. But now neither that nor this make me happy. Also, recently my dad got me a brand new mobile phone which costs a small fortune, and that didn’t make me happy either. Then I thought to myself to make a list of 10 things that indeed makes me happy so that I can know myself better.

To my surprise, none of the ten things I have listed, are related to money at all. Then I understood that much of the happiest things could not be bought with cash. Of course, we need money, but it’s not everything. The best part here is that these 10 things I have listed make everyone happy, not only me. It’s just that we couldn’t realize their worth sometimes or we overlook them. It’s high time we appreciate these little things that truly make us happy.

Ten things that truly make us happy

Here comes my list of 10 things that make me happy. This might also be your list. Check it out and comment how many of these 10 things are your happy things as well.

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1. Appreciation

Number 1 happy thing for me (even, everyone’s) is appreciation. It might be a few words like “you look good” or “you work hard” but these words definitely make our day better. Recognition will give us all new energy that will help us keep going all day.

10 things

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2. Spending a day productively

That satisfaction we get at the end of a very productive day is no match for anything. Though I feel totally exhausted after such a rough day, I go to sleep feeling so good about myself and with a lot of satisfaction. After all, hard work pays off.

10 things

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3. When someone makes time for me

Doesn’t it feel great when someone gives you priority over many other things they have? It does, right! That’s one of the best feelings in the universe.

10 things

4. When I was some sort of help to my family

This is one of my delightful things. I’m sure it’s also one of your happy things. Whenever I was of some help to my family even for the simplest of things, I feel excellent about myself. Let it be paying bills or helping in domestic chores or slapping those who try to hurt them. Lol!! It makes me super chuffed.

5. Time spent with nature

Everybody loves to spend some quality time with nature, but it’s becoming difficult in this busy times. All we do is sit in front of laptops and scroll our Facebook newsfeed. A little bird told me that if something makes us happy, we should make time for it. So, make sure to spare some time for the things you love.

6. Hanging out with my best friend

Every minute we spend with our best friend is a moment to cherish. Whenever I hang out with my best friend, we do nothing much than sit, talk and eat still; we feel if there’s little more time to spend. LOL! This is my most favorite thing to do.

10 things

7. Worship

By worship, I mean to be peaceful and calming our brains at least for some time every day. In these busy times, our minds are continuously working with jet-speed. To have the strength to go to the next day work, we need to calm ourselves at the end of the day regularly.

8. When you have support from your people

When we have a problem and our people, say “we got your back” will give us a lot of strength to fight back our problems. That support is one of these 10 things we need to acknowledge and cherish.

9. Sleeping after a long tiresome day

After a long work day, that peaceful sleep I get is so much satisfying than lazing around all day and kept tossing and turning in the night.

10 things

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10. Some time with just myself

Last but not least of these 10 things is a little me-time. Whenever I feel low, all I need is some me-time. It will help me regain my confidence and boost up my spirits. Some me-time will help me work out things and plan what to do next. It’s also fun to stay alone once in a while.

10 things

These are the 10 happy things that I cherish all the time, I think you should too. Also, there’s an additional one apart from these 10 happy things; it’s F.R.I.E.N.D.S. LOL!! Clap, clap, clap, clap! You can see that in this whole article. Now it’s your turn, comment down what makes you happy.


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51 thoughts on “10 truly happy things that we need to cherish

  1. Haha! I was going to say “I think Friends makes you happy!” – it makes me happy too. So nostalgic. Relaxing with my husband and having a little sleep on a Sunday afternoon makes me happy. Thanks for sharing, Leanne x

  2. This list is actually spot-on! I had a productive day yesterday, after a not-so-productive day on Sunday, and I felt SO much better.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. YES!!! Number 10 is my favorite! I love being alone (introverted blogger here!). I spend so much time teaching others to be HAPPY! This was such a fun, great post.

  4. Agree! Happiness comes from every little things that make us a human being, its a true happiness and joy you feel from the inside, its permanent and lasts while we live. Good vibes post! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I love how your trek thins are not materialistic. I think that the root of true happiness is being invested in people and not objects or accumulating things.

  6. I practically worship the ground my best friend walks on and vice versa, as she’s the highlight of my life and you’re absolutely spot on – these things are rare and need to be cherished! xx
    Marina x

  7. I think you have really selected your ten choices really well. Not anything at all that I would disagree with. The one I keep trying to get more time for is number 5 – spending time in nature. The great outdoors does have such a positive impact when you spend time there.

  8. A lovely list of things. Amongst the race of life, we often tend to forget these things which make us truly happy and which we should cherish

  9. Superb reading. These 10 things you talked about are amazing. Very beautifully you collect the words and penned down in this article. My fav among 10 are one is spending time in nature. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post

  10. I agree! My fur babies (I have four) makes me happy each day too! I am so thankful for having them spent their time on earth with us.


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