15 life lessons life would never fail to teach you

Life is unfair, isn’t it!?But it’s not just unfair with you but with everyone. It depends on how you receive it. Life being unfair with you doesn’t justify you going down a wrong path. Actually, what we call unfair isn’t actually unfair. It’s necessary. Otherwise, you would never know what life is all about. You’ll be pushed down again and again until you know how to stand. Something that’s unfair for you is not unfair for someone else and vice-versa.Life lessons are distinctive from person to person but there are some basic lessons which life never fails to teach you.

Read on to know….

1. There’s always someone who criticizes you no matter what you do.

You must go with your gut. Everyone tells their opinion, the same way you have to tell your opinions as well. Don’t be shy to speak your heart.

2. Life never goes the way you planned. You just gotta live with that.

Just like planned trips with your chums never happen. But you must admit it, unplanned trips are the best, aren’t they!?

3. You never know who secretly wishes your well-being, you know, a secret angel.

There’s is always someone who’s secretly watching over you and truly wishes your happiness, not everyone is a jerk. So, never think you’re alone.

4. BAE you should help yourself

You are your ultimate savior. There may or may not be someone to help you but you should always back up yourself.

5. It’s important to love yourself more than anything.

Never underestimate yourself nor let anyone do it. If we can’t love or respect ourselves how can we expect it from others? First, you do it and then expect it from anyone.

6. Sometimes you have to be self-obsessed

As long as it’s not offensive to others either physically or mentally or financially, it’s okay to be self-centered sometimes.

7. It seems people always take you for granted.

Yes, people do take you for granted. Every person is taken granted by someone or the other. You just be careful who it is.

8. Giving up isn’t the solution for something that bothers you.

Never think giving up will solve the issue, sometimes it just compounds it. You never know what’s in store for you. So, don’t give up.

9. Life amazes you with something wonderful just when you loose your hope.

True. Just when you think your life can’t get any better life surprises you with something wondrous.

10. Your best friend becomes a stranger to you.

Once who was your BFF isn’t yours anymore.

11. Don’t ever put your happiness in someone else’s hands

Believe me, it’s always you who’s is responsible for your joy or sorrow. Never make someone responsible for your happiness, they’ll definitely (god forbid) break your heart. It’s not them who’s blameworthy for your heartbreak but your expectations from ’em.

12. When you do something good, it will certainly return to you.

Just wait for the magic to happen.

13. You’re never too old to do something

Age is just a number. It shouldn’t stop you from fulfilling your much-awaited dreams.

14. Don’t use your brain for everything, sometimes you ought to listen to your heart.

Your heart is the best adviser you can ever listen to.

15. Don’t ever fail to express your feelings.

Never box up your feelings. Express them. Maybe you would never get a chance later when you want to.


Life would never cease to amaze you. It’ll be an amazing roller coaster ride.


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