5 Stupidest things people do that are quite pointless

Did you ever blurt out something that you shouldn’t have and felt so stupid? Like, asking a person what he was doing there when you bump into each other at a restaurant or a theater tho you already know the reason (obviously, the same reason you’ve gone there for). That’s quite embarrassing, isn’t it! But things like these are minor when compared to the more stupidest things we do in our everyday lives without even realizing. There are much more stupidest things we do unwisely that matters more and needs to be sorted instantly. Every one of us does these things every now and then but what’s important is to snap out of it as immediately as possible.

So ready to the dumbest things we’re doing…

5 stupidest things we do

These are the 5 stupidest things that I consider are the top stupidest things of all. Read on…

  1. Regretting

    Regretting about something for too long is one of those stupidest things we need to take care of. Did something wrong? Regret it….learn from your mistake… and think of a solution that might make your mistake a right… and move on. We shouldn’t regret something for too long. Regretting is a good thing that makes you wise about good and bad but too much of it is not good. Don’t turn it into the stupidest thing regretting too long and not moving forward. So, Instead of just regretting we must make an effort to make it right and move on. All we have to do is just keep moving.

    stupidest things

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  2. Trust issues

    People are not trusting anyone these days. The only thing that we trust is “Google”. When we see a doc and he prescribes some medicines, the first thing people do is immediately google it. Lol. Β We don’t trust the doc who’s prescribing meds according to our specific needs but we trust everything that’s on Google which is generalized. Is there any stupidest thing else than a human not trusting another human. We (humans) are supposed to trust each other.

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  3. Underestimating or overestimating someone

    Knowing what we know and what we don’t know, we often underestimate or overestimate the others. Both are not good. Both are harmful to your confidence levels (let it be lower self-esteem or over confidence, both are not desired) as well as the person you are estimating. No one in this world knows everything and also no one in this world knows nothing. Every one of us has their part of knowledge and wisdom. We should never think of ourselves or someone else as lower or even higher than others. This stupidest thing definitelyΒ needs to be fixed.

    stupidest things

  4. Forgetting Newton’s law

    Remember that Newton’s law of action and reaction. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. If there’s a bitter reaction from someone towards you like ignoring or criticizing, think there might be an action from your side first and if yes, make an effort to turn it right. If you are not at fault at all, don’t just take it to heart and feel bad about it but make sure you show your reaction. If there’s one thing either action or reaction, the other must follow it or else it will burden your heart. Keep it light, keep it happy.

  5. Comparisons

    Never compare yourself with any one. You’re beautiful and successful in your own way. In fact, no two individuals destiny is same as the other, then why comparing oneself with others and burden your brain with those unnecessary comparisons. Comparing ourselves with others is one of the biggest stupidest things we do. We must snap out of this stupidest thing as early as possible before it makes our lives miserable.

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I consider anything we do that stops us from progressing either in our personal life or work life as stupidest things. Those that burden our brain or heart are the stupidest things. There’re many other stupidest things as well but I think these stupidest things top the list. So, let’s give these stupidest things a fix and move forward and be successful.

If you guys think there are any other stupidest things we are doing that’s obstructing our progress, comment down below and let us know. Hope you agree with us on this list of 5 stupidest things. Share your views on these 5 stupidest things that are stopping us from progressing.

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62 thoughts on “5 Stupidest things people do that are quite pointless

  1. Great post Nikki, it’s on point and it’s true a lot of people have trust issues. I also believe that you need to surround yourself with trustworthy people who show you their worthiness. Thank you for being part of Blog Booster on Facebook!

  2. I like this post! And I especially like the last point, never compare yourself with anyone else.
    We’re all unique, and comparing each other will never be on equal terms no matter what.

  3. This is a great reminder. I have gotten over the regret part. But I’m still guilty of the comparison part sometimes. I think you just have to look at the entire timeline of your life and realise that whatever you’re going through is only a tiny blip on that timeline and that it will eventually pass if you let it.

  4. I so loved this post. I think I often indulge in comparisons – and when I do that I often end up feeling down. It is something I need to work on. And love the action and reaction law; the way you have explained its relevance here. Thanks for the post.

  5. Really loved this post. You are so right, one of the most pointless things I’ve heard/seen is people not trusting anyone but google. Oh, and holding on to regret is definitely up there, after a certain amount of time it just becomes pointless and unproductive.

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