5 Things You Shouldn’t be Embarrassed about

Literally, we would have been embarrassed hundreds of times in our life. Saying wrong things at the wrong time or right thing at the wrong time, picking up someone else’s stuff thinking your own, forgetting what you were just about to say, burst out a laugh in a serious situation, tripping over your own foot, etc, etc, etc… Nevertheless, there are certain few things you shouldn’t be embarrassed about. Although, I feel we shouldn’t be embarrassed about any of the silly stuff we do… because it’s fun. *wink*

Coming back to what we were talking, yes, I am about to tell you the 5 things you shouldn’t be embarrassed about. Never.

Things You Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed About

I have 5 of such things you shouldn’t be embarrassed about and if you happen to know anything else, don’t skip to let me know about it. I’d love to know.

Okay, let’s see!

1. Asking questions about something you don’t know

When I thought about this topic, this one cropped up in my mind first. I believe a lot of us stop ourselves from asking questions about a thing we don’t know. We stay silent in the situation or we manage it with an I-know-about-it smile and once we are out of there, we will start googling about it. Don’t we all do this? I know. Because I did that too. But later, I felt why was I embarrassed about it. There’s nothing wrong about it, no? No one knows everything, every single one of us is unaware of something or the other. Then what are we so embarrassed about after all.

So, next time when you happen to not know about something, ask about it. Think of it as a learning experience. It shows your positive spirit and confidence.

2. Expecting emotional support

We are humans and we ought to give each other support and strength. Expecting a little emotional support doesn’t make you look weak or dependent. I saw many people who feel that way and suffer all by themselves. Just imagine how hard that can be. Don’t think that you will be hurt if you open up to someone. I admit that you might meet a few condescending idiots in the process but you will also meet the kindest and loveliest people. Everything we do will have a bit of a dark side but you can’t sacrifice the brighter side being afraid of the dark. Don’t stress out yourself too much.

You need help? Just say so. What’s the big deal? Call somebody and say, ‘I’m feeling low, can you drop by sometime?’ It doesn’t make you look weak, rather it makes you stronger. Do you have any idea how much courage it takes up to speak your mind? Well, a looooooooot.

things you shouldn't be embarrassed about
I remembered this one meme in this context. Every time I see this, I wonder why is needing somebody not a quality of a strong independent woman. Why, why, why?

3. Accepting that you are hurt

Just as the emotional support, when you are hurt, admit it. Say it out loud. You don’t have to pretend you are fine. In fact, accepting that you are hurt makes you heal faster. Just as the doctor could find the cure only after the diagnosis.

Can you name anyone that’s not been hurt once in their life? It’s inevitable. That’s how we learn to live. Being afraid of getting hurt and pretending as if you’re not hurt, hurts you more than anything else.

4. Admitting your mistake

‘We all do mistakes,’ we all say this all the time but we don’t accept it in our own case. Instead, we keep finding excuses or worse, we blame somebody else. That’s really not okay. Admitting our mistake helps us grow faster and learn faster. If you are really at fault, say, ‘I was wrong, sorry. I’ll do better.’ Doesn’t that sound good and mature? Why work our brains so hard finding excuses/blaming when we can do the simplest thing, admitting our mistake. And you certainly don’t have to be embarrassed about it. Like we all say, ‘we all do mistakes.’

5. Liking/Caring for someone

Finally, this one is the easiest and the hardest at the same time. When we like or care for someone, we often don’t let it show. Let it be family, friends, or spouse. Sometimes we feel awkward, sometimes we feel shy, sometimes we feel embarrassed. We feel uncomfortable in expressing ourselves. I’m not saying to be super expressive as in movies (though it would be great to think so) but you can be a little transparent when it comes to your emotions. That’s how you will make wonderful memories.

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So… these are the 5 things we shouldn’t be embarrassed about I have in my mind. Would you agree with me? Let me know what you think in the comments below. You know how much I’d love to hear from you, right?! *Grin*

I’ll see you next time!!

Lots of LOVE,


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13 thoughts on “5 Things You Shouldn’t be Embarrassed about

  1. Love this post, I totally agree with the asking questions bit. I’ve always been told if you ask you’re a fool for 5 minutes but if you never ask you’re a fool for life xxx

  2. I love this post – five little points but they can have a huge impact on a person’s life if they let their fear get in the way. Admitting your mistake is a big one – it can ruin relationships and lives.

  3. Thank you, Nikki! Great article! Sometimes I feel guilty for asking emotional support, and I never admit that I need help. I will try to change that and be more open.

  4. I love this!!! And you’re right, all these things are not embarrassing at all and yet we’re all embarrassed to ask for help or support. Great post.

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