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7 Qualities You Should Seek In Everyone Including Yourself

What makes a person stand out from everyone? Good looks or admiring personality? Well, good looks might impress instantly but that’s temporary whereas a kind heart will give an ever-lasting admiration. You do agree with this, don’t you? When meeting a new person, we all go through some thought process and start making assumptions. Some of those assumptions might be true and some might be false. When it comes to trusting a person we all hope that he/she doesn’t hurt us. People would love to have such company that has a positive impact on themselves. Here are the 7 qualities one should seek in everyone, not to forget, including yourself. This is to make us a better and happy version of ourselves.

One who seeks these 7 qualities there’s a more scope for him to grow as a better, admiring and charming individual. Not just seeking these 7 qualities in yourself but one should also use every opportunity to improve these qualities. Possessing and improving these 7 qualities will surely improve one’s personal life as well as work life.

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7 qualities we all should be seeking

These 7 qualities will make us better individuals, successful at both personal and work space, give us a higher level of satisfaction, boost our confidence.

1. Gratitude

Gratitude for the love and affection people have shown is one of those essential 7 qualities to possess. One must be grateful for the deeds they have received. A whole hearted “Thank you!” for all the things and people you are blessed with will have more positive impact than anything else. When someone helped us what’s least we can do is being thankful as they chose to help us of all the things they can do.

7 qualities

2. Empathy

Today’s world is downright technology driven. While we are getting connected to the technology, we are getting disconnected with the people around us. We are supposed to stay connected with fellow-humans. With the every day passing by we are getting more impassive to others feelings. We are supposed to show empathy rather than sympathy. We must feel and understand how and what others are going through and give them moral strength. Cause we can face anything with the support and care from our people. With this support, we can enjoy so much love, care, support than ever.

3. Self-esteem

Self-confidence is one of the 7 qualities we should seek. Presenting ourselves confidently is very essential. Self-esteem should neither be too lower nor be too much. If self-esteem is lower it will be harmful to ourselves, if it reaches over confidence it will be harmful to both of us and others. Have self-esteem but never let the graph fall too deep or too high.

4. Down to earth attitude

One might know a million things but there’s always something they don’t know which their kids or friend or his subordinates know. Just because we know a few things doesn’t justify us looking down on or underestimating others. No matter how much we know it’s always best to stay grounded yet be enthusiastic to learn new things. This will be the starting point of new heights.

5. Contentment

“He has enough who is content!”. Being content with what we have is one of the 7 qualities we should be seeking to make ourselves better in every aspect. Being content will enhance one’s mental peace. When we are contented it is also visible to others and you might inspire people around you. “A happy heart is better than a full purse”.

6. Self-criticism

Criticizing others is quite easy for any one but being a self-critic is very difficult. Self-criticism is very important as that alone helps us differentiate good from bad. We often judge other’s doings but never judge ourselves. When someone did a mistake, we often without any second thought jump to conclusions and start blaming them. And when the same mistake is done by us, we will make excuses to justify it. Both the things are wrong. One shouldn’t judge others without knowing their situation and also one should accept his mistake if something wrong happens. Self-criticism will let us grow as an admiring individual.

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7. Appreciative nature

The last but not the least of these 7 qualities is appreciative nature. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all could take a moment when we come across something amazing to appreciate their forte? Not many of us do that. If you are one such person who takes a minute to acknowledge others work, pat yourself on the back. You deserve it. If not let’s start it from this very moment. You’ll feel really good about yourself at the end of the day. Also, you’ll make the other person think really high about you as well as themselves. Appreciating others work will improve work life also.


Many people might think that these 7 qualities are such things that are owned by birth but no, we can also acquire and improve these qualities. So, stay positive and improve these 7 qualities in yourself for being the best version of you.

Stay happy & think happy!


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50 thoughts on “7 Qualities You Should Seek In Everyone Including Yourself

  1. Hi, a great list that most of tend to forget. It is indeed important to remember them and use them effectively. Self criticism is not a negative and be used in a positive way on finder ways to improve ourselves in the future.

    1. Yes. Self-criticism should be in limit. In fact, too much of anything is not good like too much of self-criticism, too much of self-esteem or anything.

  2. #1 is so important. Gratitude truly changes lives … I’ve seen so many people turn their lives around by being more focused on giving thanks!

  3. you are so right! These are the things I strive for in myself. When I met my husband all those years ago, he was such a good person that he made me want to be the best version of myself. He’s no saint of course; we take the piss out of everyone but it’s always out of love, not to strangers, just family, friends and especially each other. But as for being charitable, not dealing with companies that don’t pay corporation tax, boycotting companies that have dubious practices and just being a better person in general.. I strive for it daily.

  4. I really liked your article, it’s a good reminder to never stop bettering yourself and never stop encouraging others to do the same. Practicing kindness, respect and gratitude will bring you and those around you a lot of happiness down the road.

  5. I’m happy someone write these because its so true in our society
    And I like what you did there with that (Gif) awesome

  6. I agree 100 percent with these! How many times have we had friends missing a few in the beginning we aren’t friends with today …sigh…

  7. Totally true! I love number 3 Self-Esteem. Most of us get demotivated and put us low often in this busy world. But it is one of the essentials that we need in our life. Keep up!

  8. Really great list of qualities. It is so important to surround yourself people that are good for you and good for the world.

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