7 Tips from my guide for a Healthy & Happy Mind

A healthy & happy mind is what we all live for. No matter whatever you’ve got, if you don’t feel good in there (mind) you won’t feel good in here (heart). And mind you, it cannot be achieved with anything else except for your will and determination. It is also the most difficult thing to achieve, to tame your mind. Difficult, but certainly not impossible. Though it’s that difficult, it is something that needs to be done. What you have in there (mind) decides your mood, day, experiences and your life in total. Then shouldn’t you be wanting to know more about it?

What do you need to do for a healthy & happy mind?

I wish there was a simpler rule book for such an important task of our lives. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing but our own experience teaches us a lot and I’m here to share the things that either helped me or someone I know of.

Let’s dive into it pronto!

1. Let your imagination run wild

When was the last time you imagined something? Except in your dreams, I’m sure it might have been ages, for some people; never. Times have changed so much that our minds are always preoccupied with worries, work, logical reasoning, analysis, and so much other stuff. Empty your mind of some of the unnecessary stuff and create some space for you to imagine. Humans are given the rarest power of imagination and there’s nothing childish about it. Imagination is an absolutely great tool as a stress buster. I personally find it very effective in times of distress. It might be anything as simple as you play in the rain drizzles or smell the soil when it rains or sleeping under a starry sky. Something that simple can uplift your mood and help you think all good things all the time. As you grow fond of this habit, you will see how effectively this can destress you. To tell you the truth, this has been my favorite hobby for a while now.

A healthy & happy mind

2. Be productive

Being productive is so important for your brain to work in a systematic way. Keeping your brain idle for, probably, a week is rest but anything more than that is lazing and lacking. Work gives you a sense of satisfaction, appreciation, and rewards. And that is good for your mind. A healthy mind. If you have time even after your rest, choose to do something that keeps your brain active, like exercising or playing with colors or music. Otherwise, your mind keeps wandering around the things that don’t need any attention.

You must decide how you should spend your time and energy. I know it’s difficult and no fun to be productive always. You can laze a bit but remember, there’s also a limit to lazing.

A healthy & happy mind

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3. Choose what you see

Among all the five senses, the vision has the most impact on our brain. It leaves a powerful imprint on our minds. So, what do you see the most? Horror/thriller movies or Romcoms. Ever observed how you felt the whole day after watching a horror movie? You keep thinking about everything you saw in the movie, right. You walk cautiously around the bed, you don’t feel sleeping alone. That’s how impactful it is. Now imagine if you watch such things every day, you will surely feel nervous all the time, no? So, choose what you see. You want to think happy thoughts, watch happy things. You must feed your brain all happy things for it to give you happy thoughts.

We listen to sad songs when we are sad, why? Because we reflect how we feel on our actions. Just the way, what we do/see, also reflect on how we feel and think.

A healthy & happy mind

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4. Take care of your physical health

Your physical health is important and it is one way of taking care of your mental health as well. They are connected to each other. I’ve seen a lot of people saying that after a good workout session their mind feels super active and good, just as their body does. That too, an early morning session would work the best. A healthy body leads to a healthy & happy mind.

A healthy & happy mind

5. Keep toxic thoughts at bay

I know very well that it might be not possible to have only good thoughts all the time. Sometimes, without even realizing unwanted thoughts keep cropping up in our minds. We cannot avoid them totally. However, we must know that we should not dwell on them for long. No thought is toxic right from the beginning, it becomes toxic when we are too indulged into it. The more time you spent on it, the more toxic a bad thought becomes. So, when you realize that it’s harming your mental peace, you must make an effort to get out of the hold of it.

A healthy & happy mind

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6. Don’t stay in a confined place for too long

I’ve seen some people who just stay either in their office during work or at home. Once in a while, it’s good to go out into the open area. It can just be your terrace or a home garden but you must see the sky. When you go out, your mind opens up too. You feel free and refreshed.

A healthy & happy mind

7. Allot Family time

Every day, allocate some time for your family. No matter what we accomplish, how much we earn, whatever we possess, if we don’t have our loved ones around we don’t feel good. We feel isolated and lonely. So, every day spend some time with your family members and friends, either at dinner time or before you go to work. Make sure you have them at your side for some time every day. Then you will feel assured and loved, and your mind loves that more than anything in this world.

A healthy & happy mind

All these 7 tips ensure you have a healthy & happy mind. While there is much other stuff you can do for your mental health, I find these practical and effective.

I’ll see you next time!!

Lots of LOVE,


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7 thoughts on “7 Tips from my guide for a Healthy & Happy Mind

  1. I love this Nikki. Best read today! There are so many things we can do to take care of our own happy. Our mental health will thank us in the long run.
    My favourite is to be careful what we see.
    Lots of ideas to take away and to run with too! Thanks for such an awesome post.

  2. I love these tips! My favorite may be, choose what you see! Our bodies respond to what we put into them or around them! If we want to live a full happy life we need to make sure that is what we are surrounded by and “see.”
    Thanks for sharing!

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