Comfort zone: Ways to hop out of it

Comfort zone! You might have heard this particular word many times so far but how much this affects your life is what we’re gonna see now. Someone said, “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. Despite knowing it’s true, we fail to execute it. If you know what a comfort zone is, then cool. If not, it’s a familiar situation where you feel comfortable, safe and easy. You must be strong enough mentally to step out of your comfort zone. Not many can do this, really. If we don’t do that we’re gonna miss out so many fabulous opportunities. Overcoming our fears is the biggest achievement of all. You might think “what possible difference could it make?” But trust me, it’s gonna change the whole picture. You would see a new “YOU”. All the greatest things lie outside of our comfort zone. What we have no idea is how to get out of it. I’m gonna tell you 6 simple tips to exit our comfort zone.

We all love it when someone did something new and adventurous. Though how much we love, we never try ourselves to go down the same path because we feel safe where we are. But the point is, all wonders happen outside of our comfort zone. How can we miss ’em!

Read on to know how…

1. Make up your mind

You must take a firm decision that you’re gonna take every opportunity that comes your way to get out of your comfy zone. When I said firm, it’s really firm, not like setting alarm at 6 o’clock but continuously pressing the snooze button and sleeping till 9. Meditation might help you here.

2. Push yourself towards your biggest fears

Make a list of all your fears and try to get rid of them. If you’re afraid of giving a speech in front of the crowd, push yourself to do that. You might fail in the beginning but eventually, you’ll learn to do that. This will surely get you close to a better version of yourself. All you have to do is just force yourself into things which you are scared of. You’ll definitely thank me later for this.

3. Be optimistic

You may not see success in your very first attempt but don’t lose hope. Optimism will help you to be focused. You might ask “who doesn’t want to be optimistic? Everyone. But how?”. I’ll tell you how. Being optimistic is not everyone’s cup of tea but if you try hard it’s not a wish anymore. Whenever you feel low, distracted from your goal, just think of the future if you succeeded at this. This thought itself will drive you towards your goal. This will give you a new energy.

4. Listen to critics carefully with an open mind

People will be ever-ready with a suggestion for you. There’s nothing wrong with that. They’re telling what did good for them, out of their experience. I’m not saying to totally disregard their suggestions because sometimes our critics will have a good point more than our well-wishers. Take good in their suggestions and do it your way.

5. Contemplate

Before you do something different than others around you, just think of the results you’ll be getting if you get succeeded at that. That will help you stay strong and motivated. Your mind has more power than you admit. You should weigh the pros and cons of what you’re thinking to do because you should not do everything that pops up in your head. You have to work things out properly to know what is good for you.

6. But not too much contemplation

Too much of thinking will just multiply your anxiety and make you think quitting is better. So, don’t contemplate it too much. If you think it’s good for you to start it instantly.

Finally, what I’m saying is life is too short to be scared of anything. You must try new things out and for that, you must get out of your comfort zone. If you try something and succeeded then all good. But in case you failed trying something different, at least you won’t have to regret that you didn’t get a chance to do something you want to, right!

As far as I’m concerned my biggest fear is expressing my opinions publicly. I used to think what if people don’t like it or what if they think otherwise of me or what if they think I’m rude… blah…blah…blah. See me now, I’m writing this blog which is visible to some countless number of people. I’m not afraid of it anymore. You know what helped me to overcome it!? Myself. Once I made up my mind everything seemed possible. If I can do this why not you! We’re all humans and we’re all equally capable. All you have to do is, just push yourself towards your fears and boom, you’re out of your comfort zone.

So, what are you waiting for! Go, get outta your comfy zone and try something you hesitate to do. Why not start with sharing this post! LOL!!!


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