Dr. Shakila: LinkedIn Global Goodwill Ambassador Chairwoman (India)

A woman in glory, Dr. Shakila, is someone who everybody looks up to. She’s an academician, author, motivational speaker, columnist, mentor and the chairperson of LinkedIn Global Goodwill Ambassador (India). When I first talked to her, my first impression is that what a sweet lady she is and how genuinely she wants to help others succeed in their lives. Let’s embark on the insightful journey of a woman with a multifaceted career!

A little bit about Dr. Shakila:

She’s born and brought up in Hyderabad, India. Her enthusiasm towards communicating with people made her choose to teach as a profession. Except for writing, she’s also passionate about fabric painting and fashion designing, she tells. In fact, she indulges in a lot of creative work like glass painting, ceramic pottery, and DIYs.

When I asked what motivates her, she said, ‘The most motivating thing that keeps me going is my inner fire to bring out the best in me by utilizing the resources present around me, in any form. Be it may be people, instances, situations or stories.’

The best thing about her is she can write both fiction and non-fiction genres at the same ease. But she says her soul lies in poetry. Being so many things, she enjoys her role as a motivational speaker the most.

When she’s asked how difficult is it to strike a balance between writing and teaching, she told that when we start enjoying our work, then it becomes our delight. So in the same manner, her profession transformed into a passion, thereby making her feel more at ease. She’s an experienced academician by profession holding an experience and expertise of over two decades in teaching pre-university students. This exposure has given her an excellent platform to vocalize her thoughts in a perfect way thereby inculcating an interest in writing also. She also added that her teaching stint has provided a platform to observe and analyze various people and understand their mindsets in a better way to utilize them in her writings. She says she has sorted out her priorities in such a way, that passion and profession can be amicably adjusted in different time zones.

While talking about the one who shaped up her creative career, ‘My heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Nikhil Chandwani, who made me realize that every human carries unlimited potential and is equally capable of both disseminating and gathering knowledge. His timely suggestions have been a great source of both inspiration and learning. His mentoring has inspired me to find my feet on the literary ground.’

Nikhil Chandwani, a renowned author, has said, ‘Dr. Shakila is a perfect example of the modern day mentorship that a younger one like me can receive. She is an excellent writer, life coach, and an educator with an ocean of knowledge. She is also an awe-inspiring thoughtful speaker. Her experience and zeal to help others succeed and her selfless approach towards talent have helped me personally in learning a lot in life, both professionally and personally.’

Dr. Shakila’s books are available in the below links, make sure to give a read:

Odyssey of Spirit

Cruise of cognizance

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