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Get over loneliness and be happy (How to)

Loneliness, it’s one such worst thing for anyone to experience. And to get over loneliness is tougher. Do you feel lonely? Do you think the world doesn’t care about you at all? Be careful enough to not get used to that feeling. This might lead to depression. If you already feel that way, this article is for you. I promise you’ll feel better and more positive the minute you finish reading this.

Before you read this post just close your eyes, take a deep breath and count to 10. Now open your eyes and continue reading with an open and positive mind, I promise you’ll get over loneliness.

First of all, one should try to be positive though they feel lonely. Divert your mind to more positive thoughts. You might fail in the beginning but constant efforts will make you successful. Second, one has to make a firm decision to get over loneliness. I believe that solution for every mental issue starts with making a firm decision in your mind. If you can do that nothing seems like impossible to achieve. These are the prerequisites when one wants to get over loneliness.

How did I get over loneliness?

I feel this phase is something everybody should go through at least once in their life.  I am no exception to that. I have suffered for almost 2 years, I guess. And finally, one day I made a firm decision to not feel that way anymore and to get over loneliness. The change in my life started from the moment I made up my mind. From that moment I started to realize all the blessings I have and the power of being positive. I’m not saying it’s that easy but once you start putting efforts that way, you’ll eventually get over loneliness. In my case, all I have done is little changes to my daily routine and few more simple things. Now, I’m gonna share the things that helped me to get over loneliness.

Read on to know how to deal with loneliness….

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Bag of tricks that help you get over loneliness

Here are the simple yet very effective things that might help you get over loneliness like I did. Try these tricks and get through that loneliness.

  •  Start enjoying your own company

My mantra for everything that’s related to mind is “LOVE YOURSELF“. When you love yourself, there’s nothing that seems like impossible. And it’s more important in this case than anything else. When you love yourself and start to enjoy your own company, you wouldn’t need anyone to have a great time. You are the only one that understands yourself really well, then why not seek your own help to get over loneliness. Remember that saying, “Never search your happiness in others”. Give yourself a pizza party or something whenever you feel lonely.

get over loneliness

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  •  Plan your day productively to get over loneliness

Plan your day the way you think is productive and the way you enjoy sticking to that plan but don’t stress yourself out too much. That will give you a sense of satisfaction and feel more confident about yourself. At the end of the day, you’ll feel so good about yourself.

get over loneliness

  • Smile, smile & smile

Smile for 10 seconds whenever you feel low and getting all negative thoughts. It’s proved in a research that smile actually improves your mood, though a forced one. Eventually, you will find yourself smiling heartily. But don’t laugh too loud you might freak out the people around you. LOL!!

get over loneliness

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  • Redirect your energy

Overthinking is never a good idea. One’s energy shouldn’t be wasted in over thinking about the issues that are not in their hands. Instead, redirect all your energy to more positive stuff. Do the things that bring happiness to you. Loneliness is just a passing cloud, why waste all your energy worrying about it. Rather, redirect all your energy and efforts to get over loneliness and eventually to the bigger goals of your life.

get over loneliness

  • Practice patience to get over loneliness

All good things to those who wait. There’s a saying in India that those things that come easy wouldn’t last long. A thing that’s worthy of achieving requires equally worthy efforts and a little patience.  Meditation and Yoga might be of your help here. These will give one a great level of peace.

get over loneliness

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  • Get a pet and get over loneliness

Get a pet, preferably a puppy. A pet doggy is someone who will never leave your side. Pets will never let you feel alone. You can look on it as a perfect companion. There will be someone that runs to you affectionately when you come home from work. It will be a little ray of Sunshine in your life.

get over loneliness

  • Meet new people

Meet new people and get to know them. Try to spend some time with them more often. As it’s new to the other person as well they will be equally interested in you.

get over loneliness

  • Read books to get over loneliness

This is one effective way to fight back loneliness. Reading will take you to a fantasy world and lets you get over loneliness. I have always preferred this whenever I felt a little low. This used to lift my spirits instantly. Make book your best friends to get over loneliness.

get over loneliness

  • Include a brand new hobby to your daily routine

Have a fresh breath of air and try to include something new to your life like a hobby or something. That new way of things will help you get over loneliness slowly.

get over loneliness

  • Take help to get over loneliness

Take help from that one person who is always by your side and has been with you through thick and thin times of your life. Unlike others, this person is always ready to help and whom you always trust. Let it be your mom or sister or a friend, seek their help to get over loneliness. Don’t feel bad to express your feelings in front of them.

get over loneliness

Loneliness lies just in one’s head. Just because you don’t have as many friends as your other friend, doesn’t mean you’re alone. Hope this article is helpful to get over loneliness. If you (readers) have also been through this phase, share how did you get over loneliness. Think happy, make happy and be happy!!



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112 thoughts on “Get over loneliness and be happy (How to)

  1. Great advice, I’ve been in a similar boat. After going through divorce it was a completely new experience I had never been alone. It takes a conscious effort to decide you want to no longer feel this way, and need to make changes. I think it is a positive, as it has helped me grow as a person. Pinned it too!

  2. These are really good concrete tips! My favorite is making the decision. After my divorce I had a hard time (like most people) and then I realized being sad, depressed, and alone wasn’t going to help. Making the decision can be hard, but when you do, and you truly commit your life WILL change for the better

  3. I do love your suggestion for reading to get lost in a story and forget your loneliness since that has worked for me many times. But more importantly I like how you advise people to take responsibility for their own happiness and feelings. This in empowering!

  4. I’m going to take your post to heart as much as possible because I really am tired of feeling lonely all the time. I feel like it might be a struggle though but I can try. Though I have been implementing some of your suggestions already. Any advice for hobby ideas?

    1. Good. Don’t give up. Try and try until you overcome that feeling. As far as hobbies are concerned, do more of what makes you happy. If you like to play with colors, do painting every day at least for 30 mins. I suggest reading books a lot. That helped me. It might help you as well. DO MORE OF WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! 🙂

    1. True, there’s a difference. But both of them are related to our brain and can be overcome with a firm decision not to feel that way.

  5. Loneliness is all in our mind. Always look the bright side of life and be positive we can enjoy every minute of our life.

  6. Also realize the difference between being lonely and being alone. One can be around a ton of people all day and still feel lonely while someone else can be by themself and not feel lonely.

  7. These are great ideas! I’ve definitely suffered periods of loneliness in my life and I know when I keep myself busy and keep pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, the loneliness fades away

  8. I am currently toy suffering this loneliness after moving to a very rural area. There’s not a lot to do here, so I have to be happy with my own company.

  9. When I feel lonely, I know exactly what should I do (like hitting an emergency button!). I stay positive, go out and have fun, even alone and make the most of it.
    But I don’t go crazy with food 🙂

    1. Pleasure and thanks. 🙂 Be positive and project yourself confidently, you’ll make friends within no time. All the best.

  10. Although I just got married, I do struggle with loneliness a lot. If I’m by myself in an empty house, I panic and turn on all lights and tv. If I’m not ALWAYS doing something, I struggle. Thank you for these tips.

  11. Great advice. I used to struggle with this for years, especially after moving to the UK with my daughter back in 2008. It was very hard, but for me it came down to self-acceptance and battling my negative thoughts and self-beliefs. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Being married to a business traveller, I may be in a relationship but still I’m alone most of the time. I could relate to so many points in your post. Going to save this post and re-read it when I feel lonely. Thanks for sharing this advice 😉 Sina

  13. Love those gifs you used. When I left lonely, I surrounded myself with people who made me happy and kept myself insanely busy. Ever since I haven’t felt that way.

  14. Nikki, thsee are such great tips as many people suffer loneliness unknow to others. I’ve been there myself even though I had prole around me I still felt lonely. Indeed you yourself has to make the effort to help you. Thanks got sharing.I’m sharing this post.

  15. Tips like scheduling time and finding things that inherently make you happy are great when you’re stuck in an emotional funk! I also like the suggestion to ask for help when you need it. Sometimes having someone to talk to is more helpful than anything we can do on our own.

  16. What a great post. I’m an only child so I guess I got used to being alone. I don’t mind it at all. In fact, I crave it sometimes when my kids are being super noisy.

  17. These are some awesome tips. I find that enjoying your own company is a number one priority. I don’t think you can truly be happy until you’re happy with yourself.

  18. I have trained myself not to feel too lonely. I have tons of activites to do and friends to hangout. Being creative and decide faster makes me not to go on that more depressing stage.

  19. Loneliness is some horrible feeling which I hate.However all these are great tips.I always try to hang with others at least over the phone in such situation!

  20. Good advise! I get lonely sometimes when my hubby is at work and kid is at day camp. I try to use that time to work on my blog and doing house chores. Being busy keeps my mind distracted from negative thoughts.

  21. So true, you have to be able to entertain yourself first. I like going to an occasional movie or dinner by myself to refresh my appreciation for self.

  22. I love Friends! This is such a beautiful article. Very lovely tips you shared here. This is such a difficult topic to talk about.

  23. What a helpful post! It definitely sucks to be lonely that’s for sure. I went through a lonely phase awhile ago and redirecting my energy really is what got me through it

  24. I think there are pros and cons to nearly every (if not all) stages of our lives, and we benefit most when we learn to enjoy it for what it is. I spent my early and mid-teens afraid of being alone, and then outgrew it and really enjoyed my independence. Unfortunately we too often want what we do not have, at the expense of our own happiness in the present!

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