Why are we always in search of Happiness?

Happiness. The most essential element in life. Something we can not and should not compromise over anything. Though it’s that important, we are only always in search of happiness instead of knowing the secret behind it. It’s not something you can lock up inside you once and forever, it has to be made over and again. I’ve seen many people ask this question on the internet, “how do I stay happy?” Even a friend of mine very recently asked me, “whatever I do I don’t feel happy longer than a few days, why?” And that very question is the reason for this blog. Before we dive into it, I ask you to clear your minds and read it till the end with an open mind.

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In Search of Happiness

There will be plenty of reasons for being unhappy but some of them are created solely by ourselves inside our minds. We create and foster such thoughts which eventually might seem really big troubles. As we created them, we alone can find a way out.

And expectations take number 1 position in that category.

We all are aware of the fact of how times have changed, how fast-paced life has become. Expectations have grown, and so does the disappointment. Our expectations decide the level of happiness we feel. It’s human nature to expect and there’s nothing wrong about it but we must make sure our expectations don’t grown till the point of hurting us. We expect so many things every single day, and when they don’t happen to meet we get disappointed easily. And to add to that, competition and comparison also have their influence on us to some extent.

Let’s just put expectations aside, even if we have accomplished a thing or two, we are receiving them with the thought, “okay, this is done, what next?” This what-next attitude puts you in a stressful situation all the time, and it makes you feel you are lacking something if something doesn’t happen in the time you expected. Every time something happens you are always concerned about what’s coming next, when we are always looking far ahead of ourselves we tend to overlook what’s present in front of us. That’s when we couldn’t take the essence of “NOW”. You can’t rush or alter the way universe works, it takes its own time. So, I think, it would be best to take our minds off that what-next thought and enjoy the present, what’s right in front of you.

And many complain that their work has become boring as well, that it doesn’t excite them anymore. But speaking the truth, every work will become routine after a point of time, don’t you think? That doesn’t mean either you’re unhappy about it or you should find a different job, it just means you should add more life to it.

So… we all constantly think of being happy but not trying to create it through resolute methods. Some of us couldn’t find it, some of us misinterpret happiness as something else and very few could accomplish real happiness. Everybody’s definition of happiness might be different but no one would disagree with me saying that real happiness comes from contentment. I know, jumping for joy feels amazing but that’s a rainbow (comes once in a while and that’s the beauty of it) whereas the everyday contentment is the sun that shines every morning.

All I’m trying to say is, don’t overthink, don’t be hard on yourself, don’t expect too much all at once (things happen in their own time, trust the universe). Take some things on a lighter note. Just try and pursue contentment from your doings, that’s all. The happiness you are searching for is very close to us than we think, and we go searching for it everywhere except for our surroundings.

And finally, anything can be achieved through practice and perseverance, including a happy mindset. I hope your search for happiness ends here and start exploring your inner self. Happiness is nothing but a mindset.

What’s your opinion? Do let me know in the comments!! I’ll see you later soon.

Lots of LOVE,


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13 thoughts on “Why are we always in search of Happiness?

  1. very well written article sister !! thanks for this !! there is so much to take from this aticle ,,definitely i will try put my mindset through practice and perseverance !! Also i find happiness in forwarding this article to my frnds 🙂

  2. But expectations also decide our success because if you don’t have any expectations from yourself, you’ll not be able to work. Our expectations decide our work period, don’t be offended it’s only my thought.

    1. It’s not a bad thing to have expectations but what I meant to say is, our expectations should not grow till the point it hurts. Too much of even a good thing is a bad thing. There’s a limit to everything.

      But I agree with your thought too up to to some extent. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    1. True, I meant excess expectations lead to worries. I didn’t say not to have expectations at all.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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