Inspirational thoughts: 11 quintessential words to live by

I always believed that one has to find themselves the thing that triggers inspiration (because we all are different), but it is not harmful to share a few inspirational thoughts that are worthy of note before the start of a beautiful weekend ahead. These 11 pointers might sound cliche, but one must dig deep to understand the real essence. The more you try to understand, the more you will get to learn. NOT EXAGGERATING!

Just the way we do physical exercises every day to keep ourselves physically fit, we must also practice mental workouts that make us emotionally fit and determined. Mental activity is as necessary as physical activity. These pieces of advice are perfectly tried and tested “words to live by.” Tested on who? Myself. I practiced these bits of advice myself and found them utterly magical. I have also talked how these things helped me shape my career and personal life most miraculously in my first book “The Day I Started Flying.” If it could work on me, they could work on anyone. Whatever you aspire, if you can master these, you will always see some added advantage. So, I will stop blabbering and let’s dive into our inspirational thoughts!!

1. Believe, accept, and appreciate

I believe I can do,” “I accept who I am,” “I appreciate what I have.” As simple as it may sound, it is a big challenge to practice them every day. We all say that everyone has good days and bad days, but once you practice these three concepts, your perspective on a bad day will start changing. And if I may say so, you won’t have a bad day at all ever. It might sound surprising, but at times you will also find yourself appreciating even those rough days. You will not ever see yourself pulling a long face. Sounds good? Yeah!

2. You have the power to attract your vision

Don’t be afraid to have a vision. Your imagination will manifest one day. Clear your mind and envision what you desire. It sounds bizarre, but everything I envisioned once is happening now, not exactly but very similar. That’s when I started believing in our power of imagination. Those visions help you stay focused on your goals, clears your mind, and gathers up all the positive energy to make your vision a reality.

3. Focus only on your ability

Your ability is far more thumping than all your inabilities combined. As we say no one is perfect, so stop beating yourself up for the lack of a few abilities. You are already bestowed with everything you need to make your mark on the world. Now let’s get started working on it already!

4. Open-mindedness is the password to open a door

All doors seem closed, unless, you have an open mind. Everything seems messed up when you don’t have an open mind. When one is broad-minded, everything they face seems like an opportunity to learn or unlearn something. Try to look beyond everything when you face a trouble.

5. You will see more of what you think

Absolutely! You will see more of what’s going on in your head. It’s upto you what to think, good or bad. By good, I meant the things that elevate your mood, and vice-versa. So choose your thoughts carefully.

6. Counting your blessings is the best exercise you can do

Count your blessings, literally. When we talk about inspirational quotes, most of us say “count your blessings.” When all is said and done, some of us never really practice it. Our lives have become so overwhelming that we never get the time to count our blessings. In every day’s rush, it often slips our mind. Find a time that’s convenient for you and recall what you are grateful for, it hardly takes five minutes. I prefer to do it immediately after I wake up (with a smile and my eyes still closed) as it sets my mood for the day to come.

7. Seek perfection but don’t obsess over it

Not a single thing or a person can be perfect, it/they can always be better. While obsessing over perfection one must not lose the joy of making it. And some things are perfect left being imperfect. To be frank, such little imperfections make us unique.

8. Biggest disability is not to have a compassionate heart

I think this one is self-explanatory as it is. Have compassion towards others, it reflects your good intentions. We obviously have good intentions for ourselves but to have them for others is special. And such good intentions unfold better things in life.

9. Speak good, the universe is listening

Just like our lifestyle influences our health, it also influences our lives in total. What we do, what we talk has an impact on what we get. As many good things, we try to establish in our lives, that many good things will cross our ways. And the best way to start it is to stop talking about people (gossiping) and start talking about ideas, situations, and more importantly, yourself.

10. The sun shines brighter after every gloomy day

It is one of those inspirational thoughts that gives an instant hope and energy. Today might be a little blue, but tomorrow, it will be bright as ever again. Nothing lasts forever, especially not the troubles. So try to focus on your day in the sun tomorrow instead of short-lived bleak situations you are facing at the moment. In a nutshell, only focus on what makes you smile or what gives you hope. You will be basking in the sun in no time.

11. A contented heart holds the solution for most of the problems

Another uplifting quote. Contentment is the real wealth. The one who is contented is peaceful and happy than the king. And that is powerful enough to make the royals envious. Have contentment, everything seems fair, everything seems enough to be happy. Happiness always passes through the road of contentment.

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Now you have the list of things to practice, but how do you do it? 

Don’t worry; we will just stick to faking it till you learn to master it.

Apart from all the abstract things you could do with your mind, you must also work on your dreams to make it factual. If not, you could not gain a smidge of what you have put in practicing the positivity. Positivity and hard work should always go hand in hand to get success.

I hope you loved reading these positive quotes that inspire me. If you have any quotes to live by, please do share it in the comments section below. We would love to know.

Peace out!

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