Matter Of Choice!

Matter of choice! It’s what you choose that matters always. I’ve come up with a list of things which you should choose over anything. Some things are always better than something else but better things might not necessarily do good. So, when it comes to choices, you gotta choose what’s good for you.

1. Fruits over candy
Nothing much to say, just choose it for your health.

2. Staircase over lift/elevator
Stop being lazy and burn some calories! Lifts and elevators are primarily for those who can’t climb stairs. I’ve seen many people who just rush in for lift before old people, children, and wheelchair persons. Be sensible. Plus you can stay fit.

3. Letters over e-mail
Go back in time and write a letter. You would remember this your whole life. A pen is always mightier than a cursor.

4. Call over text message
As far as I’m concerned I get so annoyed if people text me for everything no matter what. I mean there’re some things you gotta say on call. Your single call may make the other person’s day! Your voice can do miracles your text can’t.

5. Silence over arguments
If you can’t make someone understand what you’re going through, you better stay silent. One day or the other he would understand what’s behind your silence.

6. Surprise visit over a planned visit
Surprise visit! wow, the idea itself made me so happy. Just imagine your chubby buddy made a surprise visit with your favorite pizza on your birthday, wouldn’t you be happy!? Also, planned visits never happen the way we plan but surprise visits go beyond our imaginations.

7. Handmade greeting card over e-card
Wishing someone you love with a handmade greeting card of your own is never out of trend. These days people just wish over a text or on Facebook. Something made with your own hands will certainly brighten up their day as well as your’s.

8. Outdoor games over Xbox
It’s fun, healthy and energizing. I never understand what’s so entertaining in playing with fingers. I hardly see children playing outside these days. There’s so much more than that out there.

9. Ethnic wear over western wear
Again nothing much to talk about. Just choose it and look ravishing.

10. Traveling over staying home
Staying home is good if you wanna relax but too much of that is no good. As someone said, “Too much of good is bad”. Always staying home is kinda depressing. Go out, explore new places, meet new people, have fun, know what wonders exist in the world. Believe me, traveling would never disappoint you.

You have to try ’em. They’re all so much fun than you think.


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