Motivation vs Inspiration

Motivation and Inspiration! The very important aspects (of life, career, and everything) one should master. What do you do to master them? Have you found out your formula for it yet? If not, do it right now. It’s too important to neglect. You may think that reading motivational books or listening to motivational speeches of successful people will do that. But it’s not how that works. I believe that the motivation we get from any of that stuff will not last forever. Motivation and inspiration are above all that. Many of us use these two terms as one but they’re two completely different words.

Dictionary meaning of motivation is a reason for acting/behaving in a particular way, whereas inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do. See, motivation is something that comes from outside forces whereas inspiration is built within you. I believe inspiration is far above motivation because the energy that comes from outside forces may not last forever but that which originates from within you definitely stays longer. 

If you have ever noticed when you listen to success stories of famous people you become instantly motivated but within no time the graph falls. Ever wondered why that happens? The stimulation you got there is from outside (motivation) That’s why it didn’t last long. If you get inspiration from within, it lasts longer. If you can successfully build that inspiration inside you, it’ll generate a series of short-lived motivation. 

If you get motivation first, it won’t make much of a difference as it will vanish into the air in a split second. But if you get an inspiration it’ll keep you stay motivated all the time till you reach your goal. 

How to get an inspiration?

To be successful one should be inspired. One formula cannot be applied to every person. It’s different for everyone. You must find your way. But we can see the basic things. To be inspired one should unite mind and heart. If your mind says one thing and heart wants another it’s difficult to stay motivated. So unite them and think. You’ll get a clear idea. It takes two to tango.

To do that *Meditation* may help you. You can learn it from several Youtube videos. You don’t have to be a pro but just try to contain your thoughts for 5 minutes every day in the beginning and gradually increase the time. You can feel the difference within one week. I’ve experienced it.

Always have a plan. List out everything you had done and want to do in the near future. Planning helps you get a perfect idea when you’re in a fog. But don’t OVER-PLAN. Over-planning makes you nothing but stressed. For example, if you have exams in another 3 months it’s better to make weekly plans rather than a whole 3 months long plan. 

Never listen/read/watch too many success stories. It will make you the exact opposite of what you want, DEMOTIVATE. As per human psychology, we often think that the success of others is easily acquired (we also say they’re just lucky) whereas for us it’s difficult. Many people think that way. There’s no such thing as charmed life. So, never be too much concerned about people’s success stories instead make your story one among those.

These three things work like charms. Besides these basic things, you’ll have to work out the trigger point of your inspiration cause there’s no universal method for this. 

Hope you found your way to get inspiration. Share it with your friends and help them too.


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