One solution for every problem that arises in this world

Life is meant to be simple, and happy. But we make it complicated by over thinking and over analyzing every petty thing that happens. Would you deny? Truth be told, over thinking is the only reason for most of our problems. And with that, even the smallest of the issues seem bigger and complicated. So, just loosen up a little and listen to me for a minute. There’s one solution for all this and it’s really simple to implement as well.

I’ve been to Gitam University (Vizag) for a motivational talk recently and I’ve mentioned this there at the Gitam and I thought I might as well share it with you all here. So… the solution I am talking about is… a question that you should pose to yourself every time you face a situation and you are stumped about what has to be done. That is…

“What is your priority now?” 

You know, I think most of our issues will be solved once we can get our priorities sorted. In most of the situations, we couldn’t come to a conclusion because we are confused. If you can think a little deeper, you will understand that it’s our mixed priorities that make us confused.

In life, it’s all our priorities. It’s our choices that make who we are. It’s our choice to go for a movie today or not, it’s our choice whether to panic in a situation or to stay calm, it’s our choice to grab hold of the opportunity or to step back fearing the probable failure. It’s our choice to do the right thing or the easiest thing. It’s our choice to envy others success or to appreciate them. Everywhere, it’s our choice that matters.

Make a choice and work on it. Every time you make a correct choice, your life gets better and it keeps on getting better. I’m not just saying it, I felt it and I mean it.

Here’s a tiny story for you!

There’s this man who is a raging alcoholic and a chain smoker. He’s jobless too. He’s got, two sons. Fast forward their story to 25 years later, both the sons grew up. The elder son is an alcoholic and a smoker like his father and the younger son is neither. He doesn’t drink or smoke, he’s well settled in his life. People who met his elder son always said that just because he grew up watching his father, he became just like him. But they forgot that even the second son grew up in the exact same environment but he’s nothing like his father. So, what made the difference here? It’s their choices. It’s their mindset. The elder son became a slave to his weaknesses while the younger son chose not to. A strong will is all it takes.

I understand that the situations and the pressures can get the better of us sometimes but still, we have to try and make the correct choice in life. We always know what is good for us and what is not but sometimes we lose our sense and patience and finally end up taking the wrong path. Learn from your mistakes and make the right choice next time.

We all know these things, but we just don’t focus on them enough. We just get lost in our everyday mechanical humdrum. We think we’ll just share a nice quote on Instagram or Facebook every day and that’s all, we did what we can do. No, that’s definitely not enough. We must practice what we preach on social media. So, let’s cross our hearts and vow to follow the things we preach on our Facebook walls.

So… that’s it for now. Remember to ask yourself, ‘What’s your priority now?’ anytime you feel the need.

Catch you later,

Lots of LOVE,


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