Put a tight leash on Your Mind: Why?

This generation, we are emotionally unbalanced. Well, there are exceptions for everything so… let’s just say, most of us. Though we are well equipped with everything, we are constantly in search of better things. I’m not saying to not to aspire betterment (Nuh-huh) but before that, we must learn to appreciate what we have right now. Also, one thing I noticed about our generation is lack of patience. Though we are enjoying the boon of internet everywhere we go, we can’t stand a few minutes of a slow network, we immediately feel restless. The same way, we also expect to succeed immediately, if not, we experience depression and anxiety. We want one thing and we don’t have the patience to wait for it. If we haven’t waited long enough and worked hard enough for a thing, we can’t enjoy the fruit of success even after achieving it.

There has to be dark, for you to know the value of light;

There has to be fear, for you to realize the value of being brave;

There has to be white, for you to paint colors;

There has to be some wait, for you to reach a destination;

There has to be a failure, for you to know how admirable your success is;

One without the other is impossible. Even if it does exist, it seems valueless and we end up taking it for granted.

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The difference I noticed:

When I was young, the internet was not this prevalent (Now, we can watch any movie any time, thanks to the umpteen number of websites) and to re-watch a movie that was out of theatres, we had to wait until it was telecasted again on television. I was a big-time movie buff back then (Not so much now). So, I used to wait so eagerly for the weekend to watch movies on TV. Just because I used to wait so much for it, I felt so happy and contented with that. And also, I can remember every scene and dialogue for days. I can still remember the feeling, how I felt at that time, so vividly.

Coming back to the present, now I get to watch any movie of my liking anytime I want. There’s Amazon Prime, Netflix, and so many other mediums. But no matter what, I couldn’t get to relive those moments again. None of those could match the feeling I experienced when I was young. Why? Because there’s no wait anymore. If I felt like watching some movie, I just had to make a couple of clicks, and then bam, it’s right in front of me.

We get to do everything we want, everything is at our fingertips. Yet, we are not satisfied. When we can get something so easily, it’s natural that we don’t see the value of it. To enjoy something, one must see how hard it is to get it. There’s someone out there desperately wishing and working for the thing you get to have so easily. For that, you must wait and be patient. That’s how you put a tight leash on your mind.

You want to watch a movie tonight? Tell your mind to wait a little more, until the weekend. It keeps nagging you to do it, but you tell your mind there’s no way you could do it any earlier. Just so, when you have a failure, your mind tells you all depressing things, it tells you to quit. You respond to wait a little more, to try a little more. As we are habituated that way by far, your mind obviously tells that you don’t have to wait. But you tell otherwise, tell it to have some patience. The ability of patience is a powerful weapon in your quiver. Use it. The more you sharpen it, the more you will be benefitted. The more you work for it, the sweeter the fruit of success is going to be. Believe me.

There’s a saying in Hindi, ‘Sabr Ka Phal Meetha Hota Hai.’ It means, ‘The fruit of PATIENCE is Sweet.’ And I couldn’t agree more with it. Hope you would agree too and try to put a tight leash on your mind and emotions.

put a tight leash on your mind
                    [For me, a stone cairn represents focus, calm, patience, and perseverance.]

Who longest waits most surely wins – Helen Hunt Jackson

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5 thoughts on “Put a tight leash on Your Mind: Why?

    1. Yeah, we get so worked up with everything that we forget to remind ourselves that. But, patience truly works like a charm.

  1. These are such strong words, and your right in this century we seem to get so workout for a pretty silly reason. We forget to breathe and remind ourselves to take it easy.

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