The Right Attitude & How Important is it to Succeed

The right attitude. We always talk about confidence, failures, how not to give up and many more but we seldom talk about how important is having the right attitude for one to succeed. Actually, not just to succeed, but also to be happy, and more importantly, to have a contented life. And attitude is the beginning of everything I’ve just said.

Attitude comes from your belief system. Whatever you believe becomes your attitude. It kinda works this way; You believe, you create an attitude, you work, and you succeed. Attitude is the way you look at the things. There will be one point in your life, where you will feel stuck. And the right attitude helps you there. You might ask would it make any difference??

Yes, it makes all the difference in the world. It truly does.

To build the right attitude you must know how to team up with your mind. How? It’s a never-ending topic, I can go on forever but I’ll tell you 5 most important points on how it can be done.

  1. Your thoughts become your attitude, and your attitude becomes your success. Program your mind to work in a particular way. Until you get used to it, it will be more of a conscious effort but after some time, it will become your habit to think that way. Thoughts pop up in your head without any effort, but if that thought is self-limiting, you must try to replace it. I used to have this recurring thought, like, ‘I should stop trying, it’s never going to change,’ during my struggling times. But I replaced it with, ‘I should keep trying until I’m happy.’ I generated this positive thought consciously over and over again. All of a sudden, it felt so liberating. Like a ton of weight is lifted off of me. Choose your thoughts consciously.
  2. Don’t blame someone else for your mistakes. When you do that you will never accept your mistake and you’ll never get to learn from them. Be in charge of your setbacks. Not just failures, we must also take credit for our positive aspects/progress. Be in charge of everything that happens in your life. Remember, when in school, whenever we got fewer marks and parents question us, we all said, ‘no, I did well but the examiner didn’t value the paper properly’ haha, yeah, that would’ve been fun or cute then but it wouldn’t be the same ever. Take the responsibility for your doings. Your progress starts when you accept your mistakes and your confidence boosts up when you remember your achievements. Actually, I want to ask one more thing. You don’t have to answer me. Just answer yourself. What’s your biggest achievement so far? Can you think of anything? If you can, then good. If no, listen to me. Every one of us is an achiever. Every one. But some of us can’t see those achievements, why?? Because we only consider a few things like achievements. Like, earning thumping amounts, going USA/UK, getting an all India rank etc, etc, etc. But have you ever considered any other things as achievements? Like, learning a new thing, helping someone, being contented, positive thinking, having gratitude, life-affirming attitude, etc. There’s no end to this list. These things are least appreciated but that doesn’t make them any less of an achievement. Actually, all these little things help shape up your attitude and that is the real achievement. These are the real achievements that will take you closer to the achievements I said before. Focus on the positive.
  3. Self-talk is an amazing way. It gives you the clear picture of the situation you are facing. During my hard times, this is the one thing that helped me a lot. Think I’m crazy, but I used to look in the mirror and tell myself, ‘ you’re confident, times change, it’s not going to be like this forever, hang in there’ and many other self-motivating affirmations. They kept my spirit alive. Through this self-talk, I’ve also practiced being gratified for everything I am blessed with. Gratitude is one way to achieve positivity. This brought out the happy soul in me again.
  4. Look for a positive angle in every situation. Look in a different perspective. Stop focusing on your problem, and start focusing on the solution. Ask yourself, ‘what can I do about it?’ If you focus on the problem all the time and panic, the sight of solution would be invisible to you. Therefore, have a wider perspective towards the problem. Always be on the lookout for the solution to your problem.
  5. Wake up your inner critic. Because people don’t always give you genuine criticism. And criticism is important, only if it’s constructive. If you have anyone in your life who gives you genuine opinions, you’re lucky. But you can always be your own critic. Because you know what’s constructive and what’s destructive to you, you’ll make a great mentor for yourself. I spent a great deal of time in mentoring myself. ‘OK, people say this, is this true?  If there’s no truth at all, forget it. But if it’s yes, what can you do about it? Is this a chance to better yourself? Because sometimes there happens to be a little truth even in the negative criticism. If you can take that, there will be an amazing chance for your betterment.

To sum it up, always choose the positive way to react to every situation you have at hand. That’s the right attitude you’re gonna need to be successful, happy and contented.

Does this thought ever run in your head?

the right attitude

Yes. For some of us, it’s a recurring thought. Never think you are not good enough. Because that’s not true, you might just not know it yet. That is one major self-sabotaging thought. It will dispirit you. Never let that thought come near you. No matter what happens, always try to stay positive. It will attract more positiveness into your life.

All these things work in an invisible way towards your success. When you experience that situation, you will know that these things brought you closer to success, though you may not pinpoint how. That powerful having a right attitude is for your success and happiness.

Love, Love!

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