Today I feel at Peace with the World!

I was awakened this morning by the soothing pitter-patter of the rain, and the cool breeze was coming in from the window. The overcast weather seemed calm. Thanks to that, I woke up on the right side of the bed. That noise gave me a rush of energy early in the morning. The only thing missing is the chirping sounds of birds, it’s hard to listen that in cities.

Usually, I am a late riser, but today, I happen to wake up ahead of my time. Mother nature sure had a way to set my mood for the day. I had an awful day yesterday, and today is the complete opposite. My day is pretty much the same boring routine every day, but what sets today apart from the rest is what I feel. I feel a lot of good things. I feel at peace with myself and with the world. I have a lot of energy to get through the day. With that energy, I started my day way early than I usually do. I did a bit of a photoshoot for Instagram. Strolled in the rain for a while.

And I’m writing this article right now. Today is one of those days where I wish it should not end. Because if there’s anything I enjoy the most, it’s mental harmony and nature.

Most of all, I feel Gratified. I feel extremely gratified today for the things I have. Not that I don’t feel grateful any other day, but today, it’s a little more apparent. Peaceful mind brings in a lot of other good emotions too. I sat at the window for a while letting all the good vibes soak in. One major plus this day is I’ve become very productive (which I was trying to achieve for a long, long time). I’ve been working faster and multi-tasking.

It’s 10:30 am, and I’m sitting in my room working on my laptop. Every once in a while, I look out the window, and I see the foggy mountains afar, and I could hear the rain amidst the blaring traffic. And it all got me wondering, why can’t I have a good mood every day? Then I understood that it is possible. Maybe not 100 percent of the times but 90 percent is guaranteed. Two things.

  1. The first sight when you open your eyes has to be the one that triggers your happy emotion. That brings a curve to your lips. That’s why people have their happy moments at their bedside so that they could relive it every morning. The first sight of your day is super important.
  2. And next one, don’t hurry to get down the bed and get started with your day. Relax and live the moment for some time. Before you get down, set your mood. The first fold of the day influences the rest of the day.

By the time I’m publishing this post, the sun has come out, and the rain stopped. It seems brighter again. We must indeed enjoy the moments while it lasts as nothing stays on forever. Ergo, this day’s hashtag being #RainRainComeAgainEveryday

This gets me to the end of this article, and it feels fantastic to share a part of my day here. Sharing does double happiness. Now, you tell me how’s your day today?

I’ll see you soon again!

Lots of LOVE,




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