How I Managed to Turn My Life Around?

There was a time when I had my head filled up to the point of brimming with all negative, de-motivating, absurd thoughts but fortunately, I figured a way to turn my life around. I made a conscious, consistent effort to re-design my life as I thought would benefit me the most. I made a vow to keep trying until I see the desired changes. That’s the turning point in my life, the thought to make it happen. Today, I’m doing something worthwhile, I’m happy, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the changes I did with my lifestyle. If you have asked me a few years ago if it’s possible to change a messed up life with a few changes, I’d have probably said NO, but now, I know how impactful it is. I’m happy that I proved myself to be wrong. I never thought a bunch of little changes could make this big a difference.

Practical Changes I Made To Turn My Life Around

Ergo, I’d like to share the same thing with you all so you can see yourself how much better it would be. I’m going to share the most impactful changes of all that helped me to turn my life around. These are all practical and needs your 100% belief on yourself to achieve this. I’ve talked a lot more about my journey from being a face known to just a bunch of people TO being a blogger and a published author in my debut book ‘The Day I Started Flying.’

So, let’s see!

  • I distanced Myself from anything NEGATIVE

First thing I did to myself is kicking myself out of the negative environment. It might be people, place, things, feelings or anything for that matter that makes you feel bad. If you think something has a negative influence on you or more importantly, on your life, keep that at bay at any cost. I did exactly that a couple of years ago. It’s like practically I hit the button in my mind and deleted all such things, especially people who make me feel sick. Holding on to toxic people can be a bummer if you really want to better your life. Even though if I happen to bump into them ever, I made the interaction as short as I can. This literally made half of my worries vanish into thin air. When I cut out all of that unnecessary stuff, I got more time and peace to think about myself, my work and my life. This one played a huge part to turn my life around.

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  • Chose My reaction to NEGATIVITY

How much ever we try to control a situation, some goes out of our hands and keep disturbing us. Then, we must learn to manage the only thing that’s always in our command, OUR REACTION to it. It will forever be in our control zone how to react to a situation. You know what I learned over the time, more than an adverse outcome in a case, our reaction to it disturbs us even more. Don’t believe me? Try it out yourself. If you try to maintain your composure, you can see everything crystal clear, you will know what went wrong. The same situation that seemed bigger when you were mad seems not so big when you were calm. At first it might seem forced, but eventually, you will know how to do it with so much ease. If you can keep your cool, half of the troubles you think are big enough to destroy your peace of mind will turn out to be trivial.

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  • Go out for a walk and keep an open mind

I still do this. Whenever there is any distress, any vital thing to mull over, or anything else that matters to you, go out to an open and peaceful place (away from your panic zone) probably a park and do all the thinking you need to do there. I didn’t know that spending time with nature can be such a help in distress. I’ve been doing this for the past four years, and it’s been a great help in getting my thoughts organized and filtered. I go out, put on some good music, and walk around with my thinking cap on. Your mind works better when in Nature. If not this, you can think of any other activity that lets you think clearly. The point is to always have an open mind.

For example, you can only enter into an open room, right? No one can enter a closed room. The same goes with your mind. Positivity, ideas, pleasant feelings can only enter your psyche when it’s wide open. You need to keep your mind open for positivity to enter and at the same time negativity to exit.

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  • Said NO to any de-motivating thoughts

NO, NO, NO. Never be a victim to your own ideas. They are powerful enough to destroy your spirit and hence your progress in life. When an apathetic thought crosses your mind, say NO out aloud, wherever you are doesn’t matter (you can later find a way to cover up the awkward situation, LOL). It’s necessary to contradict your own thought when it does no good to you. Make a promise to yourself that you will never look down upon yourself.

Speaking of which, comparisons fall into this category. Before you know it, you’ll be criticizing yourself incessantly while admiring others. The latter part may not be an issue but criticizing yourself is an awfully big mistake. We all say this, ‘why does it always happen to me?’ Sounds familiar? Yes, now, do yourself a favor and swear not to say that ever again. So, beware of that.

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  • Going to bed with only POSITIVE FEELINGS

If you can have positive feelings/thoughts all day, that’s great but never go to bed with depressed thoughts, it’s like carrying them to the next day with you. It’s essential to think well for a happy day the next day. When I was in the demotivated phase of my life, I used to tell myself every day without fail “TOMORROW WILL BE A BETTER DAY” before I doze off. It might seem nothing now, but in the long run, you’ll know what this one little habit can do.

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  • Read & Watched only those that’ll give me good thoughts

For me, fairy tales and animated movies are a big relief. I feel they are very light on the mind and always have happy endings (And ‘they lived happily ever after’ is my favorite). They take you to a completely different world of imagination. Whenever I’m stressed out, these movies or books came to my aid. If this is not your style, choose anything else that is very soothing for you like, comic books, music, Yoga or so.

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Basically, I tried and made sure that every corner in my life has only positivity but yeah, sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. And due to the persistent effort, I could achieve a big lot of positivity to turn my life around.

There, these are the most impactful things I did to turn my life around. Make these changes a part of your lifestyle, and you will see things changing around you in no time. This is no magic; it takes time. Actually…yes, it does seem magical to me, so maybe let’s say…Slow-magic. It takes times but a sure shot to turn your life around. Your Secret Mantra has to be:

Affirm a Positive Thought while Defy a Negative one. Always!

Love, Love!

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15 thoughts on “How I Managed to Turn My Life Around?

  1. A big YES. Experiencing the same these days as I started knowing the value of positive thinking. Yes, it’s hard sometimes, but happy that I am changing my way of thinking…Finally, I say, winning over your own negative thoughts is the real success.

  2. I really liked this post. I definitely need to take your tips and run with them. I like reading posts like this because it lets me know that I can take control of my life. Thank you

  3. Love your mindset! I feel like if everyone thought the same way as you the world would be a better place, haha! I’m definitely trying my best to focus on the positive side of things and I’m already seeing many improvements in the quality of my life!
    Thanks for sharing this post!

  4. After this article dived in, The ripple made where OUTPERFORMING…
    I made revisit to my old fav-r-t animation movies, fairy tales, comic shows….They still hold the magic stick to renew my imagination 😜 – it made my feeling’s light..
    Thank you..
    A Minimum effort had yielded maximum happiness 😀

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