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Quit now: 7 things we shouldn’t be doing (for a better world)

*Change* Attuning to any sort of change is very tough. We couldn’t even resist a change of the place we sleep let alone trying for major life changes. But considering the bigger picture, that struggle to change is totally worth it. We all want this planet to be happier and healthier but we’re not taking any kinda initiation towards that higher cause, do we? For that, we need to stop doing these 7 things right now. To stop/start doing something we need to keep the bigger picture in mind. What’s the bigger picture here? *A better place to live in* That’s definitely big, right! So, quit now! Quitting these would be the best things to do in life. So, let’s see the 7 things we shouldn’t be doing for a happier world.

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7 things to stop doing

Many of us might have googled “What to do to be happy?”. I myself have done it many times. Now I have the best solution for that. Actually, we don’t have to do anything to be happy rather we should stop doing some things. We all expect these things from others often but for a change, before expecting it why not we start executing these things from our end! *smiling*

These might not be a practical solution but definitely a very effective, though I said a few practical ways to help you quit that.

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Quitting these things is equal to better mental peace, better productivity and a better life.

1. Quit now: Peeping into others lives

Wanna be happy? Quit peeping into others lives. By default, we humans, have high levels of curiosity. That should be used for learning new things for our own good but not for peeping into others lives. Curiosity to know what’s happening in others lives will not stop just there, it will lead to comparisons and eventually, it will awake the green-eyed monster in you. Stop peeping into others space and start working on your own progress.

2. Quit now: Judging others

Stop it, you!! We all wanted to shout this way when we know someone is judging us for absolutely no reason. Yet, we do just that with others. We should control our thoughts, yes, it is possible if we try seriously. We are no one to judge anyone. We can judge others if we’re perfect in all possible ways, but we’re not then we don’t have any right to judge.

3. Quit now: Double standards

Oh, this is annoying! This is one of the 7 things we shouldn’t be doing. When you and your friend did the same mistake and your teacher punished just you but not your friend just because he’s his favorite, how do you feel? Hurtful, no! I know. When one can perceive everyone’s doings equally there won’t be unnecessary fuss. So, quit now!

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4. Quit now: Trying to please everyone

Even if you do everything that’s humanly possible you can’t impress everyone. If you have that unstoppable urge to please everyone, snap out of it ASAP. I used to be that way some time back but when I understood I need to stop being that way, I’m much relaxed now. While trying to please someone we behave the way they like, then what about the way we like. When will we get to be ourselves? Trying to please everyone is nothing but chasing rainbows. You can never pursue it.

5. Quit now: Stop saying ‘YES’ to everything even if it’s not possible for you

Stop doing this! You’re a human, not a machine to do everything when switching on. Express what you feel. Never say yes to everything all the time. People will start taking you for granted. If it’s really necessary we’ll say yes anyway. But learn to say NO for little things.

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6. Quit now: Underestimating others

We need to stop underestimating others. We often underestimate someone or the other without even knowing and we must make a conscious effort to not do that ever again. How? If you think someone doesn’t know something, teach them that. And learn something you didn’t know from them. After all, no one knows everything, right! Once in a while accept and say “I didn’t know that” or “could you teach me that”, this will help stay balanced.

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7. Quit now: Intimidating others to be something they’re not

This is one of the worst things anyone can go through. All of us might have intimidated someone or the other. Like pressurizing kids to study something they don’t want to, dominating others or hurting with harsh words changing a soft-hearted person into a rebel and lot more. If we have done that without knowing then it’s might be fine but after knowing what damage it could cause to others is unforgivable. Try not be this way as much as possible, cause we don’t know how long they can cope with it and how devastated they’re inside.


Before expecting all these things from others, WE must quit these. Don’t think what possible difference would it make if Just I change. It would definitely make a difference. Change always begins with one. Quit these now and welcome a happier world.

quit now

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Do you also agree with me? Okay, If you were given the power to make people quit now any two things in the world, what would you choose from the above list? Comment below. If I was given that power I would choose to make people quit now judging and intimidating others.


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45 thoughts on “Quit now: 7 things we shouldn’t be doing (for a better world)

  1. This is Great! Yes, to underestimating others. I guilty of doing this with my little boys … they really can do way more than i think. I will defintely work on stop saying yes. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Girl, preach. I absolutely love this. I need to work on not saying yes to everything, I always end up spreading myself too thin.

  3. Number 5 is so importnt.. especially in a work environment, I’ve found in the past..
    Traveling has opened my eyes to be able to say no with confidence.

    Great post girl


  4. Great post! I think judging others is the #1 thing we can all do to make this world a better place. They all really tie into the golden rule, don’t they? If we just loved our neighbors as ourselves this world would be so much nicer! Loved this read.

  5. I enjoyed reading this, well done Nikki!
    Love your points, especially the ones about underestimating people and intimidating others to be something they’re not. I wish everybody could stop and think about quitting these things. Imagine what a change that would bring! <3

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