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9 random blogger thoughts you’ll know only if you read minds

The train of thought always runs in a blogger’s mind (in fact, everyone’s). No matter how much a blogger expresses themselves in the blog, there are always some hidden thoughts running in their head (we don’t pause) which one can understand only if they have the super-power to read minds. *Wink* In case you can’t, worry not, this blogger is going to reveal those 9 random blogger thoughts right here, right now. A blogger has several thoughts about life, about love and much more but when it comes to blogging, every blogger goes through a set of thoughts.

So, wanna see what random thoughts we’ve got on our minds! 

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9 untold random blogger thoughts

Everybody has their share of untold thoughts in their minds, so does the bloggers but now: 

I’m going to spill the beans about some of the random thoughts every blogger gets sooner or later.

So why late?

Let’s have some fun exploring bloggers minds!

1. Blogging isn’t just writing and publishing, it’s much more than that, folks

Yes, definitely NOT. It is one of the random blogger thoughts we wanna cry out loud to the world. Many think that blogging is just writing whatever that comes to mind and publishing but it’s not. Blogging, like any other job it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. It’s been six months since I started blogging and trust me, not a single day passed by without learning a new thing about blogging every day.

random blogger thoughts

2. Wondering why 24 hours doesn’t seem enough

Each and every blogger feels this way some time or the other. And why not! We do that much work. We must be active on social media, engage with our readers, promote stuff, research on new posts, managing family (especially if it’s a mommy blogger), learning new things every day, stay in touch with other bloggers and many more things.

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3. Trying to figure out how other bloggers are doing that well

This is one of those random blogger thoughts everyone has on their mind especially in the beginning stages of their blogging. We admire it when other bloggers are doing extremely well and we wish we had known the secret. Personally, I have learned a whole lot of things from my fellow blogger friends and they have a major role in molding myself into what I am today. I have never seen a blogger that’s selfish enough to keep all the knowledge they have to themselves. We love sharing our insights.

4. Peeved at the people who think it’s easy money

Here we break our backs to make a few bucks and people think that it’s easy money. And it’s really annoying. First of all, there’s no such thing called easy money. Second of all, blogging is definitely not easy. It’s just we love what we do, so it seems effortless and enjoyable.

random blogger thoughts

5. Struggling to stay positive always (especially mental health bloggers)

Every person feels low but for mental health bloggers, they can’t afford that. They always have to stay positive and send out happy vibes. As a mental health blogger, this is my personal experience. Never mind how I feel, I must always caption happy notes on all my social media accounts. I never thought that staying positive could be this pressure (but lovin’ it). *Laughing*

6. Oh, wait. They appear genuinely interested in my blog

Heartfelt appreciation is no match for anything. A few words of appreciation that are genuine is what bloggers (actually, everyone) dream of. And that is what we remember the most than any money we’ve earned or brands we’ve worked with. I literally re-read the genuine comments on my blog every now and then (even my mom does that).

7. I thought they were my well-wishers

No matter how great and worthy your content might be, there will always be a bunch of people who don’t really appreciate it accidentally on purpose. When we do something big and worthy that’s when we realize who our real well-wishers are. Actually, such are the moments that give me the evil pleasure. *LOL*

8. Striving for those Instagram perfect pictures

Instagram has a significant role in every blogger’s journey. That struggle to find a new picture every day for Instagram is real. A day seems incomplete if this is not done. Everyone loves the appreciation when it’s posted but what happens behind the camera to get that one Insta perfect picture is beyond words. Talking about my Instagram, you can follow me @nikhila_chalamalasetty.

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9. Nervous thoughts about SEO

S. E. O. Oh, my God! This is one such nightmare for every newbie blogger. When I first found out about SEO and its importance, I freaked out. I had no clue what to do and who would help me and all. SEO is too important to ignore. And then the miracle happened. Another blogger came to help me and he taught everything about SEO, domain hosting, Adsense. He made everything little easier for me. Otherwise, it would’ve taken me much longer to be where I am today.

random blogger thoughts

One of the funniest GIFs I’ve seen, haha!

Hope you enjoyed exploring our random blogger thoughts! Wish you’ll have the same amount of fun all week! *smiling*


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45 thoughts on “9 random blogger thoughts you’ll know only if you read minds

  1. Don’t feel you have to be positive all the time. I’m a mental health blogger too and sometimes I just tell it how it is. If I’m feeling like sh*t then I say that. I read other mental health blogs to and I like the honesty. No one is perfect and we all have crappy days πŸ™‚

  2. Lovely post and exactly the thoughts I have in my mind, too. I did enjoy reading it! Thank you for speaking out whatΒ΄s going on in our heads πŸ˜€ Go ahead with your great work!

  3. you are so right! #4 bothers me the most! My mom saw a post on what another blogger makes each month (a much more experienced blogger than myself) and says to me “You should blog like she does, she doesn’t have to work.”

  4. Haha this is too good!!!! I always wonder how other bloggers are so successful! Especially the bloggers with a day job too (like me!).

    – Kaitlin

  5. This post is one of the greatest things I have read since I started blogging! I have had some variation of all these thoughts every time I sit down to write a blogπŸ™‚

  6. as im reading this was like omg yes. The instagram photos is so true i be so stress like omg I dont have a picture to post lol and im still learning and trying figure out my niche and everything so got to learn about seo thanks for this

  7. I feel like you just read my mind. I never thought blogging was this much work! It’s only a full time job in itself if you want to get everything right. Love this article! I’m going to share it too.

  8. Where we going? Cos we’re clearly on the same bus. This could easily be a list of things I’ve personally thought about in the last week! #4 is my current pet peeve. Whenever I see a post like “I want to blog. I’ve set up blogger, adsense, *insert various advertising programs*, contacted PR’s, and I now have no idea what to blog about!” my palm shoots so far up my face it comes out the other side…

  9. I guess you’re from Malaysia, right? I had to use Google translator to understand this, haha! If I’m not wrong, you said:”This is a valuable content”. Thanks a lot! πŸ™‚

  10. This is SOOO true! Just yesterday I was in a really bad mood and went on a rant about how difficult blogging is! My hubby wasn’t quite sure what to say there! lol But I think the rant was worth it! Today I came up with a full new post that I finished writing by 10AM! (That never happens to me!)

    Anyways, great post! I love the realness!

  11. Lovely Post. Everything you have written is totally true!! Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes your daily efforts, hard work, and dedication. Passion is the most important thing. Money and Fame will automatically follow.. And yeah, the SEO GIF is amazing haha
    #Happy Blogging

  12. Great post. πŸ™‚ SEO is still kind of a nightmare of mine because I still know very few things about it and I don’t have the time to get in depth about it and make huge changes that would really grow my blog audience and rise traffic. πŸ™

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