The Lamborghini Ride (a motivational story)

Hey, friends! Hope you’re having an amazing week so far. Lately, I have posted a story contest on my Facebook page and out of all amazing stories I’ve picked this to present to you. This motivational story, The Lamborghini ride, is written by Adarsh peter. Hope you’ll like it. *Smiling*

Once there lived a farmer. One day, the peasant bought a lottery ticket and after a few days, the farmer won a Lamborghini car in the lottery. The car looked fantastic and stylish. People around him were a bit jealous of his luck. Farmer was having a lot of fun riding in his brand new car.The roar of the car’s engine gave goosebumps to the farmer.

But his happiness didn’t last long.The car got stuck every now and then as the roads were not good. The farmer was sick of all the trouble driving the car on those roads full of potholes. Meanwhile, his friends were making fun of his “good for nothing” car. They kept on telling him to sell it to someone and they also mocked him that tractors are far better than his car. This constant mocking disappointed the farmer so much. For a few days, he left the car in the garage. But all his heart was striving for it. He constantly felt there is something special about this car.

His mind said to sell it but his heart never accepted that. The stubborn farmer took the car and decided to know the true efficiency of the car. He drove into a muddy road. He called his best friends to accompany him for towing it in case if it gets stuck. Due to the uneven roads, it got stuck for thousands of times but he never gave up though his friends told him to give up. But he convinced them and managed to take the car on a highway.

On the highway, he saw a person asking for a lift. Peasant asked him to get in. Then the person said “it’s my dream to get into a Lamborghini and thanked the farmer. They had a good convo. The person gets off the car and gave him some money out of gratitude for a wonderful ride. He forced the farmer to take it.

This is the turning point of the farmer’s life. From that moment, the farmer got an idea to rent the car to rich people. He costs them. That changed his life. The moral is it takes the time to chose the right road. You need to be patient and tolerant. If you live your life to reach the expectations of others, you may reach their expectations but, if u follow your heart it will be beyond every expectation. Life offers you every opportunity to change your life, it’s you who should utilize those opportunities.


Everything you need to make your dream true is just around you. You have everything to make impossible possible.

P.S: Never lose hope! Written by Adarsh.

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