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Success formula | 10 foolproof techniques to keep up with your goals

Goals, small or big, we all have certain goals in our lives, right? And to make them happen, we all make an unlimited number of plans. But the real tough part is making such plans reasonable. Irrational plans never work. Some people make unrealistic plans which make them end up dissatisfied. Sound familiar? So, to master how to plan, I am here to help. I have listed a set of 10 success formula which helps you make your plan professional and fetchable.

I promise you at the end of this article you will have a clear-cut idea of what to include in your plan and what to avoid. Why late then! Let’s get started…

Success formula to keep up with your goals

success formula | Nikki's talk

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Success formula 1 | Make specific goals

One must be specific in goal setting cause vague goals never lets you stay focused. So, always be specific concerning your goals and plans like a weekly plan, something that must be done before a specific period, etc…etc… And also, instead of working on one big goal, separate them as 10 small goals and start working on them individually. This has always worked for me and I hope you will also benefit from this.

Success formula 2 | Put a deadline

This one is just as important as being specific in goal setting, so don’t underestimate this. Never ever plan without a deadline. Working without a target date makes you procrastinate things and we all know that procrastination is the biggest hurdle to achieve our goals.

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Success formula 3 | Track down your progress

Do you lose motivation after some time you start working on your plan? One thing you can do is, make a checklist to keep an eye on your progress towards the goal you have set. It’s important to know where you are now and where you want to be. This helps you stay motivated and enthusiastic towards your work.

Success formula 4 | Don’t make over the top goals

We all know how students procrastinate before exams and think they’ll cover everything the night before the examination, now that is what I call over-the-top goals. Such goals hardly ever work. Be practical and take enough time to make things work in your favor (success formula for students). A little effort goes a long way.

Success formula 5 | Start slow and pick up the pace gradually

Don’t break your back working just at the beginning of your plan and save some energy. Start slow and eventually you can pick it up so you won’t lose interest in your plan.

Success formula 6 | Neither over-planning nor under panning works

Most of us fail to keep up with our plans cause we often over-plan or under-plan. While you are making the plan to achieve your goals, one thing you must remember is, you should not over-plan or under-plan, just plan according to your capacity.

Success formula 7 | Don’t discuss everything in detail

Don’t discuss too much with anybody. While discussing with a third person we often tell our plans in an impressive way and that makes us satisfied with just our plan and we often forget how much we are working on it. I hope you can relate to what I am saying. So, avoid deep discussions.

Success formula 8 | Allot enough time to relax

Resting is very necessary while working. Don’t strain yourself. Have a catnap or go for a walk every now and then when you feel you need some time to relax. I have seen some people fix a time even to relax and when that time comes they go for a break even tho they are not tired. So I kinda feel that’s not really necessary. Work as long as you can and have rest when you feel you should.

Success formula 9 | Find a right friend to accompany

If you are still not sure if your plan is working, find yourself a good company. Not just anybody that comes your way but somebody who can really help you to work on your goals.

Success formula 10 | Know your optimum time to work

Last but not the least, time. See what time you are comfortable working. Some people work in early mornings and some other work at night time. Know what time your mind works at optimum levels and start working at those hours. It may sound simple but trust me, this is a sure shot.

Hope this formula for success works for you in the best way possible! Leave a comment and let me know how you find this article. I’m always super excited to hear from my readers! G’day, Y’all.



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  1. That optimum time for working is one of the tips that sticks out to me the most! I am just not a morning person, I’ve tried so many methods. But I get mad stuff done at later times in the day. Everyone is different!

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